Secure.IP GmbH - IT Operational Safety

If customer data, production plans or financial data fall into the hands of unauthorised persons or get lost, your enterprise is facing not only a loss of prestige. You also may meet with a loss in sales and bear the legal consequences.

Our all round service makes sure that all of your corporate data is absolutely safe – thanks to our safety concept for networks and servers! Rely on a credible partner!


Secure.IP GmbH is based in Munich and is your IT service provider for professional requirements. We are specialized at the network infrastructure, the network operation and the security of information – no matter which server platforms are in use.

Thanks to our highly technical expertise through specialization, our target-oriented and efficient proceeding as an external service provider, we are able to accomplish also quite difficult tasks reliably. With these capabilities we are able to offer our clients a portfolio of integrated solutions for a networked, integrated and secure IT infrastructure which protect the identity of their users, your investment and your business data.